Robert Guedj
Une figure de Paardefountein
de 1964 à 1980
Robert gets CNES medal

ROBERT GUEDJ of the Satellite Remote Sensing Centre at Hartebeesthoek will receive the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales' Bronze Medal in recognition of his active participation in all satellite operations at the Paardefontein Tracking Station since 1964.
Until the station closed down on the 31st July last year, Robert had been operations manager of the station. The medal will probably be presented by the President of CNES, Mr H Curien, during September this year.
Robert was born in Constantine, Algeria and completed his schooling at the Lycee de Constantine. Between 1948 and 1963 he completed various courses in the radio electrician maintenance and electronics fields.
Between 1948 and 1953 he was in the French Army and in 1964 he came to South Africa where he joined Sodeteg, the company which operated the station for CNES.
In 1973 the CSIR took over the tracking station at Paardefontein and Robert remained as operations manager of the station.
In 1960 he was awarded a French military medal and in 1970 the French Space Agency awarded him a medal for participating in the Symphonie satellite project.
When the Paardefontein station closed down last year, Robert was transferred to Hartebeesthoek.
ScienceDaba Juillet 1981

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